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Urban inequalities in Italy: a comparison between Rome, Milan and Naples

di Keti Lelo, Salvatore Monni, Federico Tomassi

in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 6 (2): 939-957.

The aim of this paper is to examine the spatial distribution of socioeconomic inequalities in the municipal territories of Italy’s three most populous metropolitan cities, Roma, Milan and Napoli, by means of economic and social indicators and with data aggregated at the sub-municipal subdivisions of the cities and the municipalities in their provinces.

These metropolitan areas are coming out of the worst crisis Italy has ever experienced, with a new class of poor people found not only in the outskirts and in the less well-off social groups but also among the middle class. Local and national governments cannot ignore this situation; the weakest sections of society have been unable to reap the benefits of the growth in the quaternary sector that has characterized Milan, Rome and Naples after the last decade, albeit to differing degrees.



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